VBS... Route 264

This year our church came together with another local church to offer VBS to our community and the result was magical. Everyone seemed to work together well and we all had a blast serving the Lord! So, about half-way through the week I thought, why not make a cake as a thank you for everyone's hard work? After all, it is what I do =o)

I finished decorating it Thursday night, and all in all it took me somewhere between 2 and 3 hours (it would have been less if I hadn't tried a half dozen times to cut the letters out of fondant before giving up and doing them out of color flow =o). The cake itself was coffee cake with vanilla butter cream.

The cake sat on the snack table for about an hour and a half before one brave soul (I won't name names) couldn't resist any more and cut the first slice. That seemed to be what everyone was waiting for because it was entirely consumed in about 20 minutes after that. Some were sad that they didn't get any, but you snooze you loose!


Fun with Fondant!

As a Wilton instructor, I am required to do an in-store demo every so often. In June it was to promote the new classes and this month it was to demonstrate some of the techniques hi-lighted in their new yearbook, which was released this month. They tell you what techniques you are supposed to demo, but the final product is up to the instructor doing the demo. So today I was to demonstrate how to do inlays and overlays with fondant. I only had 2 hours to decorate a cake and talk to all the people who cared to stop by my setup, so it is not a major work of art but most people seemed to like it. So for your viewing pleasure here is my Fun With Fondant!

**For your drooling pleasure, the cake inside is a take on Black Forest cake (Dark chocolate fudge with cherry pie filling).


B, a friend of mine, was unfortunate enough to break her ankle. I wanted to do something nice to cheer her up and I thought, what better than a cake? It took me a while to come up with a design (other than a cast cake!), but when she gave me the go ahead to experiment and try something new, it didn't take me long to get an idea. I think I got this idea from a design in the latest Wilton Yearbook, but I can't be sure. I remember the original was multi-tiered and more of a wedding/valentine style cake, but in any case I did not set out to duplicate it in any way... this is my take on the design I saw. (Yes, everything you see is edible)

A Blog!

I never had the desire to have a blog, nor had I ever seen the need for one... until now. Previously I was displaying my cake creations on a separate Facebook account just for my cakes, but people who were not "fans" of that account couldn't see them and then they would ask about them, so I would end up posting photos twice. So the idea for my cake blog was born. This is a place I can post all my photos and cake creation adventures without having to do double duty! So for your viewing pleasure, a recap of my cakes to date.

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