VBS... Route 264

This year our church came together with another local church to offer VBS to our community and the result was magical. Everyone seemed to work together well and we all had a blast serving the Lord! So, about half-way through the week I thought, why not make a cake as a thank you for everyone's hard work? After all, it is what I do =o)

I finished decorating it Thursday night, and all in all it took me somewhere between 2 and 3 hours (it would have been less if I hadn't tried a half dozen times to cut the letters out of fondant before giving up and doing them out of color flow =o). The cake itself was coffee cake with vanilla butter cream.

The cake sat on the snack table for about an hour and a half before one brave soul (I won't name names) couldn't resist any more and cut the first slice. That seemed to be what everyone was waiting for because it was entirely consumed in about 20 minutes after that. Some were sad that they didn't get any, but you snooze you loose!



Donna Larsen said...

Very cool!

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