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Recently I put out a plea for help with some graphic design stuff and a friend of mine valiantly came to my rescue. As a way of saying thanks, I offered to make a cake for her (of course!). She took me up on my offer and asked me to make a "simple cake, maybe something based on a photo." I don't think anything based on a photo is simple, but I was willing to give it a try. Well, her photography group was having an event and the speaker was Lewis Kemper (Check out his wonderful photography), so the cake was to be based on one of his photos.

I happily went to his sight and started exploring the photos he had posted there. Wow. Nothing simple about these photos! Landscape art is difficult to translate into cake (at least for me with only a week to come up with a design and execute it). So I pondered and pondered. I finally found three photos that I thought I could do something with. After learning that they were also hoping for a fall theme, this is the one I chose (photo used with permission):

I just love the lines and the texture in this photo. The challenge of this photo is that it is rather stark, but the leaves gave me an idea.

The Photography club was decorating with a fall theme, so I thought this photo would be perfect, I could take the leaves and run with a fall theme. After all, there is so much that could be going on around this one photo, I just needed to expound on that and voila! I would have a cake =o)

So I set out to create a cake that was inspired by that photo... not a perfect duplication, but here is my representation of that in cake:

Of course, after I took all but the last photo, I realized that my leaf colors were off because they appeared different on my computer screen than on the actual print, so in the last photo below you can see that I swapped out the yellow leaf for a more orangy-red one which was a much better match for the photo!

Here are the photos of the entire cake:


Anonymous said...

I somehow missed this one.....but I love it! Very cool. I hope the photographer of the photo got to see the cake, too :o)

Amber G said...

Yes, he did... he said it was the best photo he had ever tasted =o)

Anonymous said...

And, she got a bonus surprise. Lewis signed the photo and let me give it to her. And (guess I love the ands), he said it was the only print he has ever done of that photo.
The crowd loved it both in the view and in the eating stages. LOL

Kaaren said...

Very cool!

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