Happy Birthday Jesus

Today the kids will be singing Christmas songs on stage at church. One of the songs the are going to sing is Happy Birthday Jesus and then they get to have a birthday party, and of course, what is a party without a cake? So I was asked if I would make the cake for the kids, no ideas of what they wanted, just go for it. Whoopee!!

On second thought, what kind of cake do you make for a party for God? Wow, a little intimidating in a way. Do I make something elegant and pretty or fun and festive? Considering it is a party for the kids, I went with a more fun twist.

What is a birthday cake without candles?

And of course, it is all about:

I do hope Jesus enjoys His birthday cake.

But more that that, I know He desires more, not just my talents and abilities, this year for His birthday I again give Him what He most desires, my heart.

Baby Shower!

My good friend Eugenie is having a baby and a was thrilled to throw her a baby shower... and a baby shower must have a cake! So she and I started exploring themes and cake designs. Finally she showed me the crib bedding that she found and fell in love with and I knew we found the design for her cake. So here is the inspiration:

Such a sweet pattern with an adorable bunny and I knew it would look great on a cake. This was the first time I had ever tried to take something from fabric and reproduce it on a cake but this seemed easy enough.

Step 1: Start with Tall cake

Step 2: Carefully cut out fondant bunny

Step 3: Pipe on all the details

I think it turned out pretty cute!

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