This week I made a cake just because I wanted to... no event, no requests, no real reason, just because. This cake was all about trying new things. First, the cake itself is a new recipe, all my own, a Vanilla Chai Spice cake =o) The frosting is new too, a Lemon Honey buttercream. Thanks to our friends Lisa and Robb for sharing their Myer Lemon Marmalade and the wonderful honey from their backyard beehives, both of those gave me inspiration and fabulous ingredients!

For Christmas my hubby (and my In-Laws although they don't know it yet) gave me a airbrush to use for cake decorating so I wanted to play with that a little too. I had grander plans to use this new toy on the cake, but the kids got sick and consequently I ran out of energy. However I love the spots of color I was able to add to the sugar flower on top.

The flower was the last bit of new for me to try. This flower is based on a Dogwood rose, but obviously the colors don't belong. I made the center and everything for this one, which was a new experience. I am not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I definitely learned a lot of what not to do when making larger flowers of this type. So more practice is in my future =o)

Next up.. a baby shower cake!!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow, that's so elegant.

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