Ariel's Castle

Let me start by saying, I really don't like making people; I learned that when I did Stephen's birthday cake. But my latest creation was to be an Ariel cake... not only a person, but an iconic one. People are hard, iconic people are worse. So I decided to play to my strengths and make her castle. This week was not a great week for me personally, and for awhile I was wondering how I was going to pull all the pieces of the cake together and make everything work, but everything finally started coming together Thursday and I was getting excited about it again. When you are using the talents God gave you, it is amazing how quickly joy can return to your life.

So, without further ado, I present Ariel's Castle:

Kudos to my wonderful husband who did the photography for this cake!!


Kaaren said...

Very cool! Love the "sticking up" underwater plants

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