Cupcake Cake

So after my last two posts about all the wonderful free stuff I acquired at the training weekend, you might be wondering if we actually decorated anything! Why yes, we did! In fact we decorated cookies (I ate them), cupcakes (they had an unfortunate incident on the way home), and a cake (which I actually have photos!).

Since we spent the entire day Sunday running through all four classes that are taught in the four week course, we did almost everything we require our students to do, including a cupcake that is piped onto a cake using a dimensional decorating technique.

Admit it, you thought I lost my mind and actually did a cupcake cake!

Of course, being the rebel that I am, I just could not limit myself to the techniques that we "learned" in this class so instead of just doing a simple shell border, I needed to embellish.

The top row of string work I did in class, and they gave me a bit of a hard time, but I did get lots of compliments too. Everything else I did at home because I did not have enough time to work on it in class. That gave me time to get more creative.

For those who are interested, everything is in buttercream, including the hanging string work. It was definitely scary to move the cake for photos with all those little strings swaying back and forth!

This is also my first post with watermarks on my photos; an unfortunate but necessary addition. I am working on a different design, but this one was easy enough that I could make it work.


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