Fun Times

Today I spent all day in Wilton's Annual Instructor's Meeting. Corporate events are not known for their excitement, but we had a great time practicing techniques and getting some sneak peeks at the new products that will be hitting the stores in the coming months.

Personally I can't wait for the new Course 4, Advanced Gumpaste class that will hopefully be available in January 2012!

The other great advantage to these sort of meetings is all the free stuff you get!

Oh, and I almost forgot:

In the upper right corner of the first photo, are two of the new products we received... two large punches that work with gumpaste and new icing sheets! Loads cheaper than the Cricut machine and they actually work =o) The bonus that I discovered is that you can use the icing sheets with all kinds of craft cutters (you know, the ones that you use to punch paper)... I had a tiny one I wanted to try to see if it would hold up to something that small. Check it out:

So cool!!

We also spent time reviewing the roses that we make in all three classes. The gumpaste roses we did today are definitely a bit different from the way I learned, but I think they will be a bit easier to do and they turn out quite nice.

Tomorrow we head back for some more in-depth study and cake decorating! Let the good times roll!


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