More Fun!

Yesterday was day two of our training weekend and they kept us busy! We spent 9 hours going through everything that we teach in our four week course. Whew! It made for a long day, but I really enjoyed it. I came out with a lot of useful information that I can use in my classes and a ton of more free stuff!!

Really what is pictured here is only a small spattering of all the stuff they gave us yesterday because much of it we used in class and is currently dirty and sitting next to my sink waiting to be washed, but not to bad right?

Finally, I came out of this with a nifty new certificate and a bit of bling to add to my jacket when I teach class... and who doesn't want a bit of bling?

I am now looking forward to the fall when they will hopefully start training for the New Course 4, Advanced GumPaste. I am beyond excited to start teaching that class, so stay tuned!


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