I think that this is my favorite cake so far. I have been working on this design for awhile and it has changed a bit from my original idea, but the main idea was that I wanted to do an entire cake that relied on piping skills. I have never really done that before. Well, I guess I have if you count piping flowers and such, but that is not the kind of piping I am thinking about. Anyway, I wanted to stretch myself a bit and get away from the fondant heavy cakes that I have been doing and see what I could do if I relied on the piping to provide the interest.

This is also my birthday cake, so it was a chance to do something that was really "me."

This was also my first time even attempting stringwork. Stringwork is an incredibly difficult skill that involves piping strings of icing very slowly so that they dry as you are piping them. If you go too fast they won't be able to hold their own weight and they break; too slow and they dry before you get them where you want them and they break. I broke a lot of strings. I did not get nearly as many strings done that I wanted, but I am almost stupidly happy with the ones that I was able to accomplish successfully.

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the lace-like finished look and the Wedgwood-esque feel. It was actually quite satisfying when a lady commented that my cake looked like a Wedgwood plate! (I actually piped almost this entire cake while sitting in Michael's. They wanted us to do a wedding cake demo, so this cake served as my demo.)


Kaaren said...

Wonderful! I tried that one time in class, and that was about it. LOL

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