CCCSAS Show - My Entry

So here it is, my first entry in a serious cake decorating competition (yes, I entered the County Fair last year, but with only 3 entries, it barely counts). I have been working on this design since Mid-March, and I started actually working on it several weeks ago. I have to say that I am very proud of this cake. I worked really hard on it and pushed myself to try new things. Piping is a skill area that I am working hard to improve, and I think this cake shows those skills to the best of their current ability.

I love the topper! I saw something similar on TV or online, or somewhere (I never did find it again once I decided to make this kind of topper); but I had no idea how to make one, so I just kind of made it up as I went along. As a result, I ended up making three of them. The first one broke when I tried to get it off the mold. The second one I got off the mold, but I used a balloon as a mold and the balloon shrank and stopped providing support (which I wanted as we travel to the venue), so I broke a small bit off when I was mucking around trying to make a new balloon support of the proper size. The third on will sit on its mold until we arrive at the event!

The bodice style separator is one of the few elements from my original vision. I really wanted something with that shape that would look wedding dress like, but that ended up being hard to find. I ended up bolting two flour pots together and molded the shape with modeling chocolate, covered in gumpaste that I pressed with a lacy pattern. I added stitch marks at the seams and added some buttons down the back and voila! I am quite happy with how it turned out.

The string work around the top tier is the other bit from my original vision. Before I decided on the flower dome topper, I wanted to do some oriental string work around the top too (oriental style hangs up off the cake, defying gravity!); but the combination of the two wouldn't work, and I liked the dome better because it reminds me of a wedding veil. Anyway, the string work was the trickiest part because I practically had to pipe it while hanging upside down, while the cake was up on a pedestal!

With any luck the cake will make it to the event with no major disasters. I will let you all know how I did in my next post!


Trish said...

That is GORGEOUS!!!!! I stand by my original statement of the judges were wrong, and maybe even blind;)

Fantastic work!!!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

It's lovely.

And the fact that you could transport this defies the laws of physics. I would break this into bits, before I even left the house.

Kaaren said...


Amber said...

Aaahhhhhh!!! Thanks Kaaren! I don't think I am going to stop smiling for a month! =o)

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