CCCSAS Show - The Competition

Whew! My cake made it in one piece and set up went great. Unfortunately, I didn't end up placing this time, but I am okay with that. When I was searching for advice on cake competitions, one thing I read is that you have to make a cake that you are happy with and not worry about the judges. You simply can't please everyone all the time. You also cannot predict what the judges want and if you try to make a cake that will make the judges happy and still don't win, then in the end, you probably haven't even made yourself happy. So, although I did not win, I am still very proud of the cake I made. There is always next year!

Anyway, how about a look at my competition?

In the Professional Division:
#1 By Julie Ecklund (Last Year's Winner):

 Wow, just look at that detail! This cake really did blow me away. Check out the ringlets in her hair! Stunning.

 Entry #2 by Anenele Gererra (not sure I got the spelling of that one right!):

 The Peacock is blown and pulled sugar. and each feather was hand painted. Very nicely done.

Entry #3 by Laurie Clarke:
There is nothing in this photo for scale, but this cake is TINY! Really a miniature. I think it was maybe 4 inches tall, definitely smaller than a cupcake. I would not have wanted to pipe all that tiny detail! Well done for working on such a small scale.

Entry #4 by Baker Unknown:
 All the string work you see on this piece is Oriental string work. It was quite stunning.

Entry #5 by Baker Unknown:
 On this one, the two white layers had bridgework, the top orange layer was sugarveil (I think), and the lower orange tier was a stencil transfer done in royal icing.

Entry #6 by Pat Straub:
 Simplicity at its best. The flowers are sugar flowers.

Entry #7 by Baker Unknown:
I loved this little woodland scene! So cute and lots of beautiful details.

The eight entry in this category was mine. So, you can see there was immense competition! 

So Who won? #1 took First and Best in Show, #5 was second, and #7 took third.

I have more to share, but I am exhausted, so I will post more later. Thanks to everyone who supported me, encouraged me and prayed for me! I had a great time and I can't wait for next year. Special thanks to my dear hubby who chauffeured me and corralled children all day, and to my wonderful kids who were out of the house for 12 hours today (and did not drive daddy crazy) just so mommy could do something she loves.


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