CCCSAS Show - The Rest

So at the end of my last post I promised more pictures... so I will start with one of the events I watched, the "Decorate a Cake in 30 minutes" challenge.  The competitors included Julie Durkee and Cheryl Lew (past Food Network Challenge Winners), and two others that I did not know.  This was a very laid back competition with lots of laughs and "smack" talk that was very good-humored.

After they decorated their cakes, the auctioned them off with the proceeds going to charity.
Here is Julie Durkee with her cake:

My first cake celebrity =o)

 After that fun I had a chat with Michael Barnes (a local chocolatier from Pieces of Chocolate)  and I even got to eat a piece of his art! Yummy!
The room was quite warm and the butterflies tried to fly away... so I got to have a piece =o) 65% Dark Ghiradelli chocolate, ummmm.

This was entered in the Sugar Art division... simply stunning. Pulled, blown, and cast sugar. I believe this one took First.

This cake had to be about 5 feet tall! Quite beautiful! Rapunzel's hair was pulled sugar! This one won The People's Choice.

Cookies! I love the intricate piping on these. Can you believe they were in the Amateur Division? Needless to say they won too. 

This on was in the Intermediate Division and it won, so next year she (Christy Henderer) will be in the Professional category with me.  We had a good time chatting at the show.

Beautiful string work on this one. Can you believe this was in the Amateur Division? Wow.
I loved these sweet cupcakes! I can't imagine hohw long it must have taken to finish all the details.

Wizard of Oz! Each one was a work of art! Amazing...

This one was one of the entries in the children's Divisions, I don't remember the exact age range, but I think it was 7-10.  Check out the firefly.. there is a light in it that really lights up! I was impressed.

I couldn't resist this one. Who could resist an octopus? Not me... This one was in the culinary student category and I loved it.  Look at the details, the colors and how she stacked the blocks! Inspired!
Check out the back! Awesome!

This last one was from a professional display, but I couldn't resist getting a photo of this sea urchin test. I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't real (and I am a marine biologist, so it is saying something). The Cameo and flowers are also all sugar.  I have said it a lot in this post, but once again, Amazing!
There was something for everyone at this show and I had a great time. So many wonderful entries! I hope you can join me next year!


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