Go D-Backs!

This year my son had the opportunity to be on his very first t-ball team! He had a lot of fun playing ball and we had privilege of meeting some wonderful families from the Natomas area. Well, sadly, t-ball is over for the year, but our team wanted to get together for one last end-of-season bash! It was a potluck, so of course I volunteered for dessert!

I have been wanting to try my hand at a Topsy-Turvy cake for a while now, so I thought this was the time to give it a go. The first thing I learned, don't try to do one of these cakes with a box mix! I wanted to cut down on the cost since I had already spent so much on cakes this month, so I went with the good old box mixes... big mistake. They simply cannot hold up under their own weight! The top edge of my first tier is slowly sinking and falling away from the rest of the cake. I feel certain that by morning it will have hit the floor, so I am already planning out my repair strategy.  Thankfully I have a couple extra cake layers in the freezer for just such an emergency!

But for now, it stands. It isn't all pretty, but there are parts I like. I think the baseballs came out pretty good! They are rice crispy treats, almond candy and fondant.

The Diamondbacks snake logo turned out pretty good too.

I hand painted the pennant. After I cut and dried the flag, I realized that I did it backwards. I had planned on making it double-sided, but the "paint" didn't dry fast enough for me to flip it over without messing it up. If my edible markers hadn't run out of ink, I wouldn't have had that problem.

Although I hated it about halfway through the process and I told my hubby I was not going to let him take photos of it, in the end I guess it isn't so bad... and my son likes it, so really that is the most important thing to me, and that makes me happy... as long as it is not on the floor in the morning!


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