Introducing Tooly Tuesday!

Welcome to my latest blog addition… Tooly Tuesday!

I have been thinking about what I could add to my blog that might be interesting and inspiring, and different from what I am already doing. So, I came up with the idea of featuring a different cake decorating or pastry tool.  My intent is that this won’t necessarily be a tutorial, but more of an inspirational piece that will give you ideas of things you can try.  I will show you a tool, talk a bit about how it is used, and try and touch on some unusual or uncommon uses.  If I touch on anything that you want to know more about, let me know! I am always open to ideas.

So, to kick off this latest addition, I thought about what tool I wanted to feature. Something new? Something old? Something unusual?  Then I thought, why not start at the beginning? When I am teaching brand new decorating students, we start with the Star Tip. Bingo! The star tip it is…

The star tips come in two basic types, Open Stars and Closed Stars.  Today I am sticking with the Open style, we will leave the closed ones for another Tuesday.  The Open Stars are tips numbered 13-22, 32, 172, 199, 362-4, 2110, 4B, 6B, and 8B (to see examples of all those tips check out the tip chart).  All the following photos were done using a tip 18, except for the shell border and basketweave, which I opted to use a tip 21.

Okay, so anyone who has even attempted to decorate has probably used a star tip. And obviously, a star tip can be used to make stars.


However, did you know you can use the star tips for more than stars? In my Wilton classes we teach five more uses:
1. Rosettes

2. Zig-Zags

3. Shell Border

4. Reverse shells

 5. Basketweave
**This technique can be done with a variety of tips, but we use the star tip in class

There are tons more uses for the star tip beyond what I teach in class. In fact, I think I could probably teach an entire course using just the star tips! Here are just a few more uses to spark your imagination:

E’s, C’s, and S’s
(when used in combination with other tips, these can look pretty cool, so look for these to show up again in a future Tooly Tuesday)

(another one that looks especially good when used in combination with other tips)

Flur de lis
(These are a combination of one shell, and two reverse shells)


Rope Border
(I sometimes throw this technique in as a bonus when teaching the basketweave in my flowers class since it makes such a nice border).

Whew! So many uses for such a little, unassuming tip. So with all these uses, could you decorate an entire cake with just the open star tips (other than the character pans of course)? 

 You bet!

I hope I have inspired you to dust off your star tips and try using them for more than stars and shells. Happy Decorating!

If you have a tool that you would like to see featured on Tooly Tuesday, leave a comment and let me know! Also, if you like my blog, why not consider becoming a follower?


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