It's Merely a Trifle

If you ever need an impressive looking dessert that is easy to put together and uses up a large amount of cake scraps that you have in your freezer (or maybe I am the only one with several bags of cake scraps taking up space!), then I have the dessert for you!

Doesn't it look impressive?

I would love to say that I slaved for hours over this Trifle, but in reality I think it took me about 15 minutes to put together (including the time to make pudding and slice the fruit)? Maybe a little longer because I was trying to make the fruit look nice on the side.

Want to know how I did it? Here is how you too can make one of these scrumptious desserts:

Start by crumbling (or cubing) cake for the bottom layer. The original recipe I think called for two 8" circles, but I really did not measure anything and it came out great (Also, all the measurements will really depend on the size of the bowl you want to build it in.) Then I added a layer of fresh, sliced strawberries (I mixed them with some sugar and let them sit for a bit after I sliced them). On top of the strawberries went a layer of sliced bananas (mixed with some orange juice which kept them from browning). Then a layer of vanilla pudding (I used one large box), topped with a layer of blueberries.  I topped that all with a second layer of cake crumbs, used my remaining strawberries and stuck them to the side of the bowl to make it look pretty, and topped the whole thing with whipped cream.

Didn't I tell you that was easy? Now you know what you can do with that cake that didn't quite rise correctly, or that broke in half when you moved it.... or that your toddler helped herself to (after removing the parts she touched).


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