I've come a long way baby!

Not long ago I realized it has been exactly two years since I made my very first fondant covered cake.

Yes, Father's Day 2009, marks my very first foray into the world of fondant. I had no idea what I was doing. I never took any classes (still haven't had a fondant class), and I hadn't read anything about how to use it or cover a cake with it. Keeping that in mind, I think it wasn't too bad! Oh, I would definitely do it differently now, but I am still kind of proud of that first attempt, especially since it wasn't a round cake (which are the easiest shapes to cover).
Fast forward to about the same time in 2010:

I didn't make it for Father's Day, but it was made in June for my friend's birthday. This one was my first time covering a ball in fondant. Covering a ball is not easy and is something I still struggle to get right, but for the first time I think I did pretty good. The handle and spout are also in fondant since I still hadn't really started using gumpaste yet.

So now we come to 2011:

Definitely a long way from the tie cake.

I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but looking back at how far I come in such a relatively short period of time, I can clearly see that God has blessed me with this talent. Even though He has not opened the doors to allow me to turn this into a business of any kind, I am currently content to bless my friends and family with cakes for their various occasions... they sure keep me busy! So thanks to everyone who has allowed me to share my talents and who have encouraged me along the way. I've come a long way baby!


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