Simplicity Revisited

Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be. ~ Jim Horning

This thought is never so true as when dealing with cake! The more simple the cake design, the more difficult it is to pull off flawlessly. A cake with lots of details looks amazing, and all those details can be used to cover up little flaws. But when you have a simple, plain cake there is nothing to cover up any imperfections! This was my next challenge.

My pastor's son, Shay, recently got married and because the wedding was in another state, they were planning a reception here and they asked me if I would be willing to make the cake. Jerolyn, Pastor Jim's wife, told me that she just loved one of the cakes I had done a few months back, one I called Simplicity. That was the cake they wanted me to reproduce, but larger. No problem, I can do that.... or can I?  Sure, it looked good in the pictures, but you don't see all the fondant I shoved under the pedals when they all broke as I was trying to put it together! I never felt that I was very successful with that flower even though I was able to make it look nice for the photos. So here was my chance to make it work!

The other challenge with this cake is, as I mentioned earlier, simple cakes are really the most difficult to do well. My plan for this one was to do a four tier version of my original. That means I have to make four perfect cakes.

Well, they weren't perfect, but I am really pleased with the finished product.

Congratulations Shay and Haley Bogear! May the joy of your love last forever and may the Lord pour His blessings on you. 


Jerolyn Bogear said...

hahaha, and I was trying to choose one that may be simpler for you to make. Too funny. Loved the cake, though.

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