Candy Button Cookies

Does anyone remember those little candy button dots that you would peel off the paper? For some reason those stick in my mind with fondness, even though I distinctly remember eating more paper than candy...

Here is a great way to enjoy the nostalgia without the eating paper part:


 I made these today while I was doing a Demo at Michael's. They are quick and easy to make and I love that! I don't decorate cookies much because I feel like they are too much work for something so small, but these were fun. I like fun! To make these all you need are some rectangular cookies, spread some white frosting on the top and pipe dots using your icing colors of choice and a tip 5.  The only thing I would have done differently was take a wet paintbrush (reserved just for cakes) and knock down some of the peaks that I left behind, but I didn't have that with me at the time.  Enjoy!

Birthday Cake for a World Traveler

This cake is for a very special lady who loves her family - she has four children, five grandchildren, and is currently at four great grandchildren. She is a seasoned international traveler (has done it for the past 40 or so years); her favorite locations are Barbados, South Africa, and cruises to anywhere.  Her dream trip is to Australia. She always strongly believed in education; returning to school and receiving her college diploma at 40. She's an active volunteer, loves movies, and swims several times per week... Whew! With all these interests I could only think of one way to try and represent as many of these things as possible: a suitcase!

When you take a cruise, you always see one of these!  This little towel elephant was my favorite addition.

The flags were a fun addition and they added the punch of color this cake needed. 

Happy Birthday Mary! I do hope you enjoy your cake. 

Poured and Pulled Sugar!

So I was finally brave enough to try my hand at poured sugar. I am not sure what went wrong, but somehow I must have overcooked the sugar because it turned an amber color... or maybe that is the difference between using isomalt and real sugar? I am not sure, but I will find out! Regardless of the color though, I was able to successfully pour the sugar and have it harden in the molds and remove the pieces, so all in all, I consider it a success! Here are a few of the poured pieces:

When I was done pouring, I had a lot of extra, so I took a small bit of it and thought I would try my hand at pulling sugar. It was way easier than I thought, but now that I have a piece of pulled sugar, what do I do with it? Well, the only thing I could think of that I thought I might be able to do from memory was a sugar flower, so I gave that a try. 

I am pretty happy with it considering it was my first time and I had no clue what I was doing, so I just kind of made it up as I went. What do you think? 

Happy Independence Day!

I tripped across the idea of making fireworks on a cake a little while ago and I was really intrigued. I wasn't sure I would have time to put it together, but I did! I piped all the stars last night (I think I piped about 250 of them!), and stuck them all on wires this morning. All in all, this cake came together rather quickly. Of course, it was over 100 degrees here today, so the cake spent much more time in the refrigerator than it normally would, which slowed down the process, but I also spent time in the pool, cooling myself off too! In fact, I was still in my swim suit when I put everything together.

The bottom border is actually from one of Wilton's new silicone molds, the Global one no less, but with a little blue and red painted on, it was perfect! 

I hope you like it! 
Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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