Candy Button Cookies

Does anyone remember those little candy button dots that you would peel off the paper? For some reason those stick in my mind with fondness, even though I distinctly remember eating more paper than candy...

Here is a great way to enjoy the nostalgia without the eating paper part:


 I made these today while I was doing a Demo at Michael's. They are quick and easy to make and I love that! I don't decorate cookies much because I feel like they are too much work for something so small, but these were fun. I like fun! To make these all you need are some rectangular cookies, spread some white frosting on the top and pipe dots using your icing colors of choice and a tip 5.  The only thing I would have done differently was take a wet paintbrush (reserved just for cakes) and knock down some of the peaks that I left behind, but I didn't have that with me at the time.  Enjoy!


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