Happy Independence Day!

I tripped across the idea of making fireworks on a cake a little while ago and I was really intrigued. I wasn't sure I would have time to put it together, but I did! I piped all the stars last night (I think I piped about 250 of them!), and stuck them all on wires this morning. All in all, this cake came together rather quickly. Of course, it was over 100 degrees here today, so the cake spent much more time in the refrigerator than it normally would, which slowed down the process, but I also spent time in the pool, cooling myself off too! In fact, I was still in my swim suit when I put everything together.

The bottom border is actually from one of Wilton's new silicone molds, the Global one no less, but with a little blue and red painted on, it was perfect! 

I hope you like it! 
Happy 4th of July everyone!!


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