Celebrating Multiple Birthdays!

Challenge time!

This month we have four birthdays in our family: My husband, our son, our daughter, and my niece. For the first time since our daughter was born, we will all be together and I thought it would be fun to celebrate all the August birthdays with a cake. The challenge is, how to represent each person on one cake without making it feel like I dumped everything but the kitchen sink on the cake, or making it so generic that it could be for anyone?

Here was my solution:

One cake, four toppers! The topper balls are all rice treats covered in almond modeling clay and then covered in fondant. 

Let's take a peek at each one, shall we?

 First up is the one for my hubby! This is actually the first cake I have made for him since I really started doing cakes, so I wanted to so something special for him. The octopus is his favorite animal, so I decided to do an underwater scene.  The rocks are all fondant, as is the octopus and seaweed.

 Next is my son. He is turning 6 this year and he is absolutely addicted to Angry Birds, so I decided to surprise him with the Red Bird.  He loved the bird, but he insisted that I add the yellow bow on top (I believe the red bird that takes you to the Angry Birds Store has a bow), so I dutifully complied.

 Next is my daughter, who is turning 2 this year. She was harder, because she isn't really attached to anything, but she has recently discovered Blue's Clues, so I decided on that. Blue has a completely different shaped face than the shape I had to work with, so it didn't come out looking like Blue, but it is a pretty cute blue dog.

 Last but not least is my niece, who is turning 12 this year. She loves ballet and recently acquired her black belt in karate! I thought it would be fun to do something that put those two things together for her.
 So happy birthday to my dear family! I love you all and I hope you enjoy your cake!


Kaaren said...

Those are great! That Octopus is awesome!

Knit Wit said...

OMG! Those are too cute!!! I'm so glad I looked these up. Tell your son I love Angry Birds too.


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