Fixing a store bought cake... wreck

The last cake I posted was for four people, one of whom is my son (he had the Angry Bird). Today he turned six, and although we did celebrate earlier with the previous cake, he needed a cake on his actual birthday too. Unfortunately we were out of town on vacation until yesterday, so I did not have time to make him a cake. So, I ordered one from the grocery store. Sad, I know. He had fun picking out the cake from the book though, so I thought all would be well... until I saw the design he picked (Wall-E). I desperately flipped through the book looking for an acceptable alternative because I knew there was no way they would pull it off well.  But no, that was the one he wanted, so we ordered it.

All in all, they didn't do too bad, and if I wasn't such a Cake Wrecks fan, I wonder if it would really look that bad to me, but...

All I could see was the large piles of poo with rabbit pellets all over the cake.

Something needed to be done to keep me from thinking about poo when looking at his cake!  So I whipped out my fondant and made some blocks of "trash" (which by the way, is what the large piles of brown frosting are supposed to be), and set those on top of the large areas. That was an easy fix, but what to do about the smaller, rabbit pellet-like piles? I thought and thought and couldn't think of a good solution but then I found some larger sprinkles and picked out the green ones... we are going to pretend this is from the end of the movie and the plants are starting to make a come back! 

So here is the final, fixed version:

Not perfect, but at least it is better. When it came time to serve the cake, what was my son's favorite part (besides the toys)? The fondant "trash" I added. That made me feel pretty good.

Happy Birthday to my big boy! Mommy loves you! Next year, your cake will be better.


Kaaren said...

Hee hee hee!!

We had a Wall-E party for our daughter a few years ago. LOVE that movie.

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