Angry Birds Cake!

This is my first cake for the new year and I couldn't be more pleased. My friend's daughter is celebrating her birthday this weekend and I volunteered to bring the cake. I asked what she wanted and was told, "Chocolate cake and an Angry Bird girl with eyelashes... also a few pigs."  So, I had lots of room to play with the design. My kids are huge Angry Bird fans too, so they watched with eager anticipation as the cake started to unfold.

First came the Piggies:


 And then a couple of smaller Birds:

And then I had to track down the Angry Bird font for her name:

 Finally. the slingshot with the Angry Bird girl:

When it all started to come together I knew it was going to be cool.

Very often, I am my own worst critic; others look at my cake and say it is amazing or stunning or something similar. I tend to look at my cakes as see mostly flaws. I still see the flaws in this cake, but I can also sit back and think, "Yep, this time I got it right!"  It is nice when I can make the vision I have in my head come out in cake and sugar.


Kaaren said...

Soooo cute!

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