California AB 1616

Many people ask me how much I charge for my cakes, and to date, I have been answering, "I don't charge because it is illegal in the state of California."  It is true. Many people do make food from home and sell it (particularly cakes), but to do so is currently illegal and I for one am not interested in the fines if you get caught (something like $5000+).  Beyond that, I do not charge because I am a Christian and I believe that everything I do (good and bad), reveals how I feel about God, and how others view Him. However, that is not what this post is about.

This is my one and only political post, I promise! Just last week a bill was introduced that, if passed, would allow people in California to sell certain foods made at home. I have been following the growing Cottage Food movement that has literally been sweeping across our nation over the last few years. Currently 31 states (and counting) have passed a cottage food law and many others, like California, are considering adding a cottage food law.

Cottage food laws have many advantages, not just for people like me who would like to legally sell their creations, but also for the consumer who would in turn have access to a greater variety of homemade, artisan, and unique foods. There is also an obvious economic advantage, creating low cost businesses and allowing people options for supporting themselves and their families in these challenging times.

If you would like to read more about California AB 1616, check out


I am happy to report that AB 1616 passed and was signed into law earlier this year!  The law officially goes into effect Jan 1, 2013, but in order to be legal, you must apply for the proper business licenses and permits. Amber's Cake Creations hopes to be up and running by the end of January, depending on when my local county has all the paperwork available. Thanks for all your support!


Anonymous said...

amber like your post
love to try your treats.
do you think cupcakes and frosted cakes are included in this law


Amber said...

Yes, cakes and cupcakes are included! I hope to be open for business as soon as all the paperwork goes though =o)

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