Cowboy Cake, Yee Haw!

It took me awhile to get into it, but this was such a fun cake to make!  So many kids cakes are centered around a character or a game, it was lots of fun to make a cake that was just inspired by a theme.

The first thing I made for this cake was the hat since it needed the most time to dry.  I wanted to make it bigger, but my rice treats weren't working like I wanted, so I ended up making it entirely out of fondant and gum paste. 

Because the has was smaller than I intended, I needed something extra on top to balance the space, and what could be more western than a bandana?  I was searching for bandana designs when I decided that was the perfect place to put the "Happy Birthday" greeting.  The tricky part about the bandana was piping on it after I shaped it.

The belt buckle was actually one of the last things I made for this cake.  It took me awhile to come up with a design I was happy with, but in the end, this is actually my favorite part of the cake!  The bull in the middle is all fondant, and the designs around the outside are all piped royal icing. When it was all dry I painted on an edible gold color and the whole thing came together.

 Happy Birthday Kaden! I hope you love your cake.


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