The Cobbler's kids...

So have you ever heard the phrase, "The cobbler's children have no shoes." or "The shoemakers son always goes barefoot."?

In my case, my kids get elaborate cakes that take a few weeks of planning and design, but my own cake?
Well, this is my birthday cake this year...

Yeah. My kids at least get cool cakes, but me, not so much. Except one year when Michael's paid me to decorate a cake right before my birthday. Each year I dream about doing a cake design that is really cool. It is my birthday, so that means I can do ANYTHING I want, right? There are all kinds of ideas and things I want to try, but it seems that I just can't take the time to execute any of them for myself. Maybe I should fool myself into thinking it is for someone else?

At least it has chocolate!


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