Cub Scouts - The End of Another Year!

Last year my son started in Cub Scouts. It has been an amazing adventure for both of us and it is hard to believe that the first year is over and he is graduating to the next level! As we were planning the end of the year event, the Cubmaster for Pack 402 asked me if I would make a cake for the barbeque celebration. I asked him if there was a theme or if he had any ideas, and he said no, but maybe something with the ranks or something we did this year, or whatever... and by the way it needs to feed 200.

Ok, go it, go big.  So I took all of his ideas and threw them onto one cake, and added a few ideas of my own! 

So, starting from the top:
The Cub Scout logo, and our Pack's catch phrase and logo.
All the rank badges were hand-made on gum paste squares.  I used edible markers to draw the logos and pedal dusts for the colors. I piped the Fleur-de-lis and gold borders in royal icing. 
At the bottom I included some of the highlights of the year. I am pretty partial to the rock climbing guy on the right.

I had to include a box of popcorn since our Pack sold an incredible amount of popcorn at the beginning of the year (something like $36,000!).  All the popcorns were made out of marshmallows and chocolate fondant. I think that was my favorite part.

In the end, the bottom two tiers were just shy of 8" tall each, and the whole thing was just over 2 feet tall! Each tier was actually two cakes stacked on top of each other, and if I had separated them more distinctly it would be a 6 tier cake, which would be the biggest I have done yet I think.

Everyone had a great time and I am so very proud of all of the boys that worked so hard this year and received their rank badges! Congratulations to everyone!


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