Country Wedding

This week I had the privilege of making a wedding cake for Mark and Melody's wedding. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding with a really nice, rustic feel. So they wanted a four tiered cake that had a rustic buttercream finish with some sugar flower daisies on it.

I think this is my new favorite wedding cake! I am really happy with how it turned out.


The topper was the perfect addition to this cake, simple but perfectly fitting! I love it!


Congratulations Mark and Melody! May God richly bless you as you journey down the road of life together!

As an added bonus, Melody wanted to surprise Mark with a Groom's cake. This is officially my first groom's cake, so I was really excited to do this one. She wanted me to replicate his car in cake form.  I will admit, cars are tricky, and this one didn't come out as perfect as I wanted, but I think was able to capture the essence of his well-loved vehicle.



The tiny-tiny bumper stickers in the back window were challenging, but I am happy with how they turned out (these were piped with royal icing).   The majority of the car is cake, but the wheels, bumpers, and side mirrors are all rice treats. The license plates (blurred here since I used his real plate numbers) and hub caps were hand piped with royal icing, and all the dirt and grey paint chips were added on with royal icing. All the other details are fondant.  Making this Jeep was the biggest challenge I have had in a long time, there are lots of little details in a car and I couldn't include them all, but I had a lot of fun adding all the details that truly made this Mark's Jeep. 

Congratulations again to Mark and Melody! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of your special day.


PeachyTeach said...

YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK ON BOTH THESE CAKES, Amber! But, the Jeep was soooo AMAZING they didn't want anyone to eat it - think they're going to hermetically seal it w/ her dress when they get back from the honeymoon - ha! And, it wasn't just your amazing art work & finesse, but the cakes tasted SO DELICIOUS! All I can say is - Whoa!! M-O-B Cindy :)

NUHW Activists said...

both of these cakes are just amazing! This is more than just technical skill (you have that in spades) it's natural creativity and a passion I have rarely seen. Good job! I'm sure the bride and groom loved them, and will have fun showing off pics for years to come!

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