Ladybug First Birthday

A special little girl is celebrating her first birthday! What better than a cute ladybug cake and a little smash cake to celebrate the special day?

This cake is a very yummy strawberry cake, which might possibly be my new favorite flavor, at least for summer and spring. It is also mostly butter cream, with fondant accents, which is a first I think. I usually end up doing fondant with butter cream accents, but these days I am leaning more and more the other way. 

The ladybug topper was made out of rice treats, covered in almond modeling "chocolate" and finished with fondant. I really like how she came out, sleepy but happy! 

I made this little smash cupcake for the birthday girl. I wanted to make it a bit larger than a standard cupcake, but didn't have any cupcake wrappers that size, so I decided to try dipping the cupcake in melted almond bark. It worked great! So it has an edible"wrapper with butter cream leaves and a butter cream ladybug.

Happy Birthday little Savannah!

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