Berry Wedding Cake

Every time I finish a wedding cake I vow I will not to any more weddings. They are generally really very stressful. I don't want to disappoint anyone. What happens if the cake falls apart in transport? What if everything goes wrong? I can't help it. I know that for many people, including myself, weddings are a big deal! The bride and groom want everything to go right and they want everything to be "perfect."  A wedding cake may only be a small part of the wedding, but really it is an iconic part, even if most people don't remember it after it is all said and done. 

Up until this point I have only done cakes for friends and family, and the occasional friend of a friend. This cake represents a first for me... the first time I have ever made a cake for someone I didn't know.  I met Eryn when her sister saw my cake featured on the Sunday Sweets edition of Cake Wrecks awhile back.  Eryn had been searching for a cake decorator who would incorporate fresh fruit into the design. Sounds simple right? Apparently no one will do it! She asked me if I would be willing to help and make her cake. I really had to think about that. Was I ready for this step? Especially with a wedding cake? In the end I couldn't say no. I am glad I didn't.

Eryn is the sweetest person and I really enjoyed working with her.  The design we came up with was simple but beautiful and I really love how it turned out.  This time everything went as planned.  I was worried that at the end of strawberry season, the strawberries might not look all that pretty, but even that was perfect. God is good.

 For this cake Eryn wanted a simple cake with a topper that incorporated fresh strawberries, blueberries, and one of the flowers from her bouquet.  I immediately honed in on the stargazer lilies because they make a beautiful statement (and they are fun to make!).

If you look closely I was able to work a little string work in on the bottom border.  Eryn wanted it simple, but I couldn't resist adding that little detail at the bottom, just making that small detail a little bit more special without making it look over done.

 All the leaves and flowers were handmade by me, all the strawberries and blueberries were purchased (made by God). A few people have asked me how long something like this takes to make. Well, each flower took about an hour to make and after all the pieces were made and dried, It took me about 5 hours to put all of the flowers and toppers together. So the toppers themselves took about 11 hours all together. IT would be faster to use real flowers, but in the end, I really prefer to make them. I like that "wow" factor when people realize they aren't  real and someone took the time to make them by hand.  That is what makes this an art.

It is cakes like this one that make me want to do more weddings. Thanks to Eryn and Sam for allowing me this opportunity to be a part of your special day!  I do hope you enjoyed the cake. Congratulations and I pray you two enjoy many years of happiness together!


Willow Olynyk said...

It was wonderful Amber! Everyone at the reception was amazed with your work and the bride and groom couldn't have been happier with it. Thank you for making their day that much more special!

Amber said...

I am so glad they liked it! Thanks for thinking of me Willow.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Gosh, that's lovely. You really have a nice touch.

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