iPhone Cake!

I don't know exactly why, but I have been wanting to make a cake that looks like an iphone/ipod or some sort of pad for awhile now. But I have been busy making all kinds of other things. There hasn't really been a demand for gadget-inspired cakes lately. Until now! My hubby's uncle was in town for his birthday (hi Uncle John!), and we were all getting together to celebrate, so I brought the cake!  The only request was that it be my (ahem) award-winning Caramel Apple Pie Cake, and they left the design to me.  He actually works for Apple, so I finally had my chance.

For simplicity sake, and because the cake was on the smaller side, I decided to leave off the icon labels, but I tried to pick ones that would be fairly recognizable, so the labels wouldn't be missed. Can you identify them all?

Happy Birthday Uncle John! It sure was good to see you again!


Kaaren said...

You never did post about those cakes for the fair competition. How'd you do? I see "Award winning" so I assume that one was a hit.

Amber said...

I posted about the County fair cakes: http://amberscakecreations.blogspot.com/2012/05/sacramento-county-fair-2012.html

I entered the Caramel Apple Pie cake again in the State Fair, but it looked exactly the same, so I didn't post it again.

All of the cakes won first place =o)

Kaaren said...

Yea, I saw the May post. I meant, you did not post here how you did in the County Fair as far as placing. Congrats on first place.

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