Winter in California!

Here in Northern California we like to think that we have seasons, even if some of them only last a couple of weeks. Do you remember that one spring day last March?  Summer is hot and lasts way too long, and I think we had 3 whole weeks of fall this year!  But what about winter?  We like to fool ourselves into thinking that we have a real winter, at least here in Sacramento where I live. However, we are seriously lacking in that one icon of winter... snow!  Oh, sure, the mountains are not too far away and the foothills get their share of snow, but down here in the valley, it is certainly rare.  Rare enough that if we do get some snow, the kids all joyously race outside to build a "snowman" with the icy slush that can be found on the ground, and the news reporters all gleefully race to find one of those snowmen to document, which will then be front page news the next day.   Now I am quite certain that locations that actually have a real winter, like say North Dakota, snowmen don't make front page news. But here in California they do. I remember one year my cousin's snowman made the front page and we still have that newspaper clipping in a scrapbook somewhere.

But what is winter without these icons? So we try and get creative. 

Apparently, even our cookie snowmen seem to melt around here.  But they are cute, festive, and super easy to make!

My kids think these are the best cookies ever, and my son was super excited to take these guys to his class for a Christmas cookie exchange.

If you want to make them, they are really easy, especially if you do what I did. Use edible markers! I started with the faces, using a large marshmallow, I drew various faces with the edible markers.  I cheated and used a sugar cookie mix, so when the cookies were cool, I rolled (1/8 inch thick) and cut out white fondant using a large flower cutter. Then I drizzled some of the white Wilton Cookie icing on each cookie and placed the fondant cut out on top (the icing helps the fondant stick to the cookie).  Then I drew on the arms and buttons. It doesn't show in these photos, but I used some red and green disco dust on the buttons to make them a little more special, but you could easily skip that part. Then I added just a little bit of a scarf.  you could add hats, bow ties, mittens, or anything else to make your snowmen special!

I tried to make them all a little different, some have crooked noses, some are straight, some twist like a corkscrew, and the arms are not all in the same position. Some are chillin' California style, and some are a little surprised to be melting so fast.  

I hope you are enjoying the winter season where ever you are! 

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