Valentine's Cookies!

What confection is more iconic than the Valentine's Day cookie?  Conversation hearts are pretty high on the list I but, Valentines cookies hold a special place in my heart. Back when I was first dating my husband, I was totally broke when Valentine's Day came around.  I wanted to do something special, so I set about to make my (then) boyfriend three or four dozen of those confections.   No two cookies were alike; and let me tell you, that was a challenge! But I did do what I set out to accomplish - make a Valentine's gift that would be appreciated (and consequently remembered for years to come!) .

 I don't think anything I could do would top those first cookies.  So, this year I decided to do something different.   This year I wanted texture!  So I decided to play around with fondant. There are all kinds of  wonderful things you can do with fondant.

 Most of the textures here were done with impression mats of various kinds.   I also added a hint of Shimmer with pearl dusts, but sadly that doesn't show in the photo much.  However, you can see a hint of shine on the cookie in the top right corner.

This year these cookies went to the winner of my  "I have reached 100 likes on Facebook" drawing! Don't worry, my dear hubby will not be without sweets from his sweetheart! Those goodies are still in the works.

 Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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