Eagle Scout Court of Honor

My son has been in Cub Scouts now for about a year and a half, and I am so very glad we got him involved in scouting! The experiences he has has have been invaluable, and the lessons he is learning about responsibility, honor, and respect, will stay with him for the rest of his life. Yet, he is only just beginning his journey.

Andrew Standriff is at the other end of the scouting journey. Not to say that he is ending his journey, but that he has reached the highest, most honored rank that a scout can achieve: the Eagle Scout. To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, a scout much accomplish many things, including (but not limited to) achieving the rank of Life Scout, earning a minimum of 21 merit badges, demonstrating Scout Spirit, and demonstrating leadership in his troop. He is also required to plan, develop, and lead a service project, demonstrating both leadership and a commitment to duty. All these things are to be accomplished before their 18th birthday.

Andrew accomplished all of these things and more, and his friends and family couldn't be more proud! On March 4, everyone gathered for the official ceremony presenting Andrew with his Eagle Scout award.

It was my very great honor to be asked to make the cake for the celebration! 

The topper was a replica of the Eagle Scout patch this year. The plaque was made of gum paste and the design was hand-painted. I was really happy with how well this turned out!  

The fleur de lis on the side of the cake were all done in almond bark, and the flag and tassels were fondant.

Congratulations Drew! We are so very proud of you!


Sally Tay Howe said...

Amber - Thank you!!!! It was truly a beautiful piece of artwork, and everyone there was very impressed. Not only that - but the cake itself was incredibly delicious. Thank YOU for making Drew's event so special and memorable!!! We look forward to celebrating many future Boy Scout milestones in your family!

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