Green Orchids

This cake was so fun to make! One of my husband's students ordered this cake for his girlfriend's birthday... super sweet, right?  Anyway, he told me to surprise them with a design. So after learning that she liked green and orchids, I thought why not do green orchids?  I love doing sugar flowers, so any excuse to make them makes me happy.

I studied lots of different orchids before I settled on these. I liked the larger petals this type of orchid had, and the overall color scheme worked with my cake design.

 What do you think? What kind of orchids are your favorite?

I have recently started doing more painting, so I decided instead of piping the message, I would paint it on the cake. Definitely a little more difficult and time consuming, not to mention less forgiving if you make a mistake, but I like the way it came out. 

Happy Birthday Zoraya! I hope you and Max enjoyed the cake.


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