Wedding Ruffles

 There is so much that I like about this cake! A few months back this lovely bride contacted me about making her wedding cake. She already knew exactly what she wanted so the design part was easy.

The topper of this cake is all done with sugar flowers. I ended up making a lot more roses that I had originally planned, but it turned out great, so I don't mind. 

I broke out my pasta roller for this cake and it came in super handy for rolling out all the gum paste for the roses and all the fondant for the cake ruffles.  Awhile back I found instructions for modifying a pasta machine for use with clay, which involves taking apart the pasta machine and removing all the unnecessary parts, leaving only the rollers and the thickness adjustment. I have been scouring the internet looking for those instructions so I could link them here for you, but I have been unsuccessful. If you happen to find that info, let me know!

Anyway, using the pasta machine sure saved me a ton of time (not to mention sore arm muscles from all that rolling)! So between the pasta machine, my new metal ball tool (so very awesome), and my new veining press, I am so very happy with my roses!

At the very top of the topper I made a kind of briar rose/fantasy flower. Since it was a wedding I used pearl stamens just to add a touch of bling without going over the top. 

I also added a bit of sparkle with some luster dust, just on that one flower. Unfortunately that does not show up in pictures well at all.  You can see hints of sparkle if you look at the above photo in full-size, but only just barely in spots.

Overall, I think this is my new favorite wedding cake.

Cub Scouts 2013

I can't believe it is time for our scouts to move up in rank again! It seems like only yesterday my little boy was putting on his Tiger uniform for the first time... and today he became a Bear! I am so very proud of him and all the scouts in our pack! They have all worked very hard and today they get to proudly stand in front of everyone and show off their new colors.

It was my honor to make a cake for this event again this year.

This year I decided to go for a topsy-turvy cake with lots of whimsy.  There were various scouts all over the cake either sitting and hanging out, driving the derby car, holding up the cake, or climbing up the sides. 

I think the climber was my favorite.  

I don't do a lot of figures, and I generally avoid people because honestly they are probably the most difficult to make look right. So this time I just wanted to make them more cartoony than realistic. I kept the faces really simple and I think it worked out pretty well.

Everyone loved the cake so in the end, it was a job well done. Thanks to everyone for all their kind words! Congratulations again to all the scouts on achieving their new rank! Now on to all the summer fun!

Buttercream Ruffles

This cake was fun to make! With the exception of the flower, which was gumpaste, the entire cake was done using tip 104 and a key lime buttercream!  I had to do some layout work to keep the chevron pattern even, so I divided the cake into 16ths and roughly laid out a quilted/diamond pattern on the cake. Then all I had to do was follow my lines and fill it in (which I suppose wasn't quite as easy at it sounds with all the extra lines I made, but not bad once I got going)!

I really enjoyed watching the whole design come together and the sugar flower on the side was the perfect accent to finish off the design and add an extra pop of color. What do you think?

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