Emma Jaine's Icing Smile!

Several years ago I remember hearing about Icing Smiles and some of the wonderful bakers that work with them to provide amazing cakes to families who are dealing with the critical illness of a child.  Recently another baker I know posted a photo of a cake she did for Icing Smiles and I thought, "Wow, I wonder how I could get involved?"  I think it was just two weeks later, after submitting my application to be a baker, that I received my first "Call to Action"! I was so very excited to help!

I was asked if I would make a cake for a little girl, Emma Jaine, who was celebrating the end of  2 years and 4 months of treatment for leukemia. Wow. I really cannot imagine what that must be like for her or her family. I wanted to make something amazing for them that would be appropriate for such a wonderful occasion!

Emma loves Monster's Inc, so off I went to design a cake. I actually went through several designs, and just a couple of weeks before the date I threw everything away and started over with a totally new design that I thought was unique and fun!  I even did a sketch... which is something new for me and an area I am trying to improve. I have always had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted, and sketching isn't my forte.  I used to be a fairly decent artist at one time, but I am way out of practice. 

Not a lot of cake artists will post their sketches online, but the few who have, have really helped me, so I thought if anyone else sees this and finds it useful to further their own designs, then it is worth it. As you can see, cakes never (or rarely) turn out exactly as you draw them. Things happen as the design comes together and what looked like a good idea on paper doesn't always work out like you think in cake. I tend to think these changes are for the better.  Besides the changes in colors, I think the most obvious change is the bow on top of Mike's head. It never made it on the cake. I knew that eventually I would be adding in some wording, but I was not exactly sure what we wanted to say on the cake, so I didn't know where exactly I wanted to put it. Once I knew what we were going to say on the cake, the location was obvious... Mike needed to be holding it over his head, announcing Emma's Amazing-ness to the world.  So away went the bow and the banner took it's place.

 I had fun with all the details. I really wanted the doors to look like the doors during the credits, kind of cartoon-y and hand-sketched, but not perfect.

My favorite part by far was making the tentacle arms that came up and held the second tier.  They are made completely out of white modeling chocolate. This was the first time I have really had a chance to work with modeling chocolate and I really liked it! Definitely not a great medium in the hot summer months, but then again, not much is great when it gets really hot.

I had so much fun making my first Icing Smile! I am so glad that Emma and her family liked her cake and I wish them all a wonderful and blessed future.

*Please note that I received no compensation for this cake, and I cannot normally make character cakes. Thank you for your understanding!

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