Star Wars Birthday

One of the boys in my son's Cub Scout pack was celebrating his 7th birthday this week!  I had so much fun making this cake. I even got to use my recently acquired lego block making skills again!

For this cake I made 20 light sabers (in blue, green and red), which was lots of fun, and even though you can't see it very well in the picture, they were even sparkly. The challenge on this cake was definitely the characters. They are so hard to get right!

I still am not entirely happy with either one, but they were pretty cute and my 8 year-old son thought they were pretty awesome. Whenever I do a cake for a child, he helps me out by critiquing my work. If he likes it I know not to be too hard on myself. I can be a pretty harsh critic and I see all the little flaws in everything I do... which causes me to stress out sometimes. 

Kids cakes are lots of fun to do though!  I get to play and have fun and although I still try to make everything perfect, I think I enjoy the process more than I do with wedding cakes. But I guess that really depends on the design; some are definitely more stressful than others.

All in all, this was by far one of the most fun and satisfying cakes I have done in awhile. I added glitter and sparkles, and I just couldn't help but love it in the end.

So, Happy Birthday Nick! I hope you had a great birthday and I really hope you loved your cake.


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