A Bridge Crosses Over

This cake is probably my  most anticipated creation. The design has been in my head for several months now, and to be honest, as confident as I was that I could do it, the how to do it was always a bit fuzzy in my mind. But then, when has that ever stopped me?  This wedding cake was created for a very dear friend of mine. Dave and Telle are two very special people, and while their engagement announcement may not have been a surprise, it sure was something to celebrate!

Many months ago Telle and I sat down for coffee to talk about wedding cake ideas and we threw several around, including having a couple rock climbing up the side, hang-gliding off the top, and other such non-traditional but fun ideas. They were planning a very non-traditional wedding after all...

They were married in a plane, and then the wedding party jumped down to the reception area... including his dad, her mom and her dad (who was the pastor). 

Then they exchanged vows and rings in front of their friends and family (who were sane enough to stay on the ground... love you Telle!). 

 Ok, so back to the cake. This cake was inspired by the Pont Alexandre in Paris. For a wedding with a non-traditional flavor, the cake ended up being somewhat traditional with a nod to the days when cakes and staircases were used frequently, but without all the plastic! 

Everything you can see is edible. The lamp posts, the railings, the bridge. The bridge itself ended up bring about 18" long and the whole cake was just about five feet wide. The bridge was made out of gum paste with royal icing accents.

 I made molds for parts of the lamp posts and parts I made by hand. There were 16 lamp posts in all and it took me the better part of a week just to make those! The lampposts were made from gum paste with some royal icing, and the railings are made out of wafer paper (rice).

Earlier this week I posted a picture on Instagram of a zombie hand... this is the cake that hid that little gem. Can you see it? It's hiding under the sunflowers. Those that play Plants vs Zombies might get the connection and the game became something of an inside joke for the bride and groom, so we incorporated it into the cake.  I love adding these little hidden touches! 

 I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to be a part of this very special day. Dave and Telle, I love you both and I couldn't be happier to see the two of you begin this journey together. May God richly bless you in the years to come.

A Whale of a good time!

I can hardly believe it is promotion time again for our Cub Scouts! For the last several years I have made the cake to celebrate our scouts as they are promoted in rank. This year I decided to do something different. Instead of trying to represent things that we have done that year, I just did something fun. That is what scouts are all about right? Having fun while we slip in some great learning opportunities.

So our whale friend here is having a good time playing with the scouts. 

This guy is totally my favorite!

I tried to make all the boys a little different, so they all feel a little different about the fun being had, but in the end, I think they all had a good time... I know the boys in our pack sure loved the cake!

Unfortunately we were not able to capture the best part... this cake came with special effects! Mist was shooting out the top between the whale's water spout and the bottom of the boat. I used dry ice and had a small tub run up the center of the spout ending about 1/2" below the bottom of the boat. I had the tube run out the bottom of the cake stand to a sealed bucket under the table. Then I could refill the bucket as needed. It worked great!

For those who may be interested, the boat is cake, the whale is cake, and so is the water (with piped buttercream waves). The spout is chocolate and the boys are all fondant. The whale's tail is gum paste. 

Thanks for looking! And to all my scouts, thanks for another great year and I am looking forward to another great year! Congratulations on all your hard work.

Hand-painted Wedding Cake

I had so much fun working on this cake! It really was a joy to work on from the very beginning.  The bride and her mother were so wonderful to work with and we had a good time coming up with this design. I took bits and pieces that she liked from other cakes, shook them all up, made several sketches and then we took pieces of those sketches and come up with something totally unique and perfect for her wedding. I love it when that happens!

 The top and bottom tiers are hand painted with food coloring. I love the way it adds a floral touch without making the cake look too busy and keeping the clean lines of the tiers. The middle tier adds a fun dressy ruffle using rose petals made from fondant and rolled really, really thin. I love using my pasta roller for this! It helps speed up the process and assures that all the petals are rolled to the same thickness.

The flowers were super fun to make! I have been playing with a new technique of making flowers out of rice paper and this cake was the perfect opportunity to use them! I carefully painted the petals to achieve the colors I wanted and make the rice paper soft and flexible so I could shape them into the flower and allow for a more organic feel. In the end, they came out looking like they came out of a watercolor painting and they went perfectly with the hand painting on the tiers! 

Overall, I am thrilled with this cake and I hope everyone at the wedding loves it too. Congratulations Angela and Mark! I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be. 


This cake was super fun to make! I mean, how often do you get to make a cake that you can set on fire?!  This cake was for Blake's 11th birthday, isn't it cool? My son (who is 8) kept commenting on it's coolness throughout the creation process, so I think I did a pretty good job on that front. 

Anyway, you can't have a survivor themed party without the Survivor logo. I went old school with this one and used one of their original logos. It was fairly simple and fit with the color scheme for the cake. It is a hand-painted sugar plaque made out of gumpaste. 

 Moving down, Blake's name was made using several colors of modeling chocolate swirled together.

 Next we have several palm trees, which are also modeling chocolate. I happen to think that the trunks taste very similar to tootsie rolls, but less waxy and more yummy! The sand is chocolate chip cookies that have been chopped up very fine in a food processor. 

But the best part of this cake really is the volcano at the top!  The volcano is made out of rice treats, covered in modeling chocolate to create all the texture down the sides.  To make the lava I melted colored chocolate and dribbled it down the sides.  When we lit the top, some of the chocolate started melting and caused the "lava" to dribble a bit more, so that was an added bonus!

Happy birthday Blake! I hope you love your cake!

Penguin Bride

 It's time for a bridal shower!  I love this sweet cake. This adorable little penguin is all dressed up and ready for her wedding day.

The mother of the bride asked me to make this cake for the bridal shower. I had so much fun working on this cake. The pearls on the side were all hand rolled, and of course after I did that I found some the perfect size on sale! Oh well... these were perfect and are pretty quick to make.

I made a few fantasy sugar flowers with pearl centers using the bride's wedding colors. The leaves are all modeling chocolate.  It will be my privilege to make their wedding cake too in just a few short weeks and these flowers will make another appearance, with a few minor changes I think. 

 But really, the penguin is the star of this show! She is rice treats covered in modeling chocolate and then finished off with fondant. I did use real lace for her little blusher, but everything else is edible.

Of course, after we finished taking all the photos of the cake I realized I forgot her pear necklace! So I added that in and snapped one quick picture of her in her completed state. 

Congratulations Angie! I hope you love your cake.


This cake was so much fun to make! I had the idea for this cake several months back, and my plan was to make it for Valentine's day, but unfortunately (or fortunately!), I was really busy during that time period and my personal projects were set aside.  But when my birthday came around this year I actually had the time to make something for myself.

This cake is my first attempt to pipe chocolate. I was going to say pipe chocolate into a pattern, but really I have never worked with straight chocolate beyond using it in molds. So this was my first time piping with chocolate ever. I am absolutely thrilled how well it came out! If you look closely you will see imperfections, waves and wobbles, but overall I love the effect.

Another first for me is the roses. I have never attempted to make "fabric" roses with fondant before. My personal style is more towards the realistic and botanically correct style of flowers, but I have to say this style really does have it's appeal too! They were really fun to make and I think they went with the style of the cake very well.

Icing Smile: Dora the Explorer

I love being a Sugar Angel and partnering with Icing Smiles to bring some joy into the lives of families who are dealing with very difficult circumstances.

This cake was created for little Ojas, who is a very special little boy who has been battling leukemia. He loves Dora and I really wanted to make something fun for him. I don't think I will forget the smile on his face when he saw the cake and recognized the characters!

I normally do not do character cakes, but I am able to make exceptions for Icing Smiles since they are donated and not sold.  Character modeling isn't my strong suit, really, but it is always good to stretch myself.

Boots is definitely my favorite! My son thinks he took the cherry off the cake, but I like to think that he is just taking a break before he finishes decorating the cake with the cherries.

 Boots might be my favorite character, but the cherries are my favorite part of the cake I think.

 So Ojas, we are praying you get better soon! There are so very many things to explore and adventures to be found.

 *Please note that I received no compensation for this cake, and I cannot normally make character cakes. Thank you for your understanding!

A New Little Prince

Wow, I have gotten a little behind on sharing my latest creations! I suppose the holidays can do that. I hope to catch up on all the yummy goodness in the coming weeks.

Right now, let me present my latest creation! I am absolutely in love with the shoe on the top of this cake! I have never made an Air Jordan style shoe before, so this one really took some planning! I scoured the internet for photos and drawings from different angles and then tried to deconstruct the shoe in such a way that it could be recreated from sugar.All in all, this shoe was made using 7 different templates (not counting the shoe laces and parts).

The client picked out a very specific shoe that she wanted because of the great blue colors that went with the theme and it worked out really well!  

A little prince theme wouldn't be complete without a crown!

Overall, a super cute baby shower cake to welcome a new little prince to the family! Congratulations!!

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