A New Little Prince

Wow, I have gotten a little behind on sharing my latest creations! I suppose the holidays can do that. I hope to catch up on all the yummy goodness in the coming weeks.

Right now, let me present my latest creation! I am absolutely in love with the shoe on the top of this cake! I have never made an Air Jordan style shoe before, so this one really took some planning! I scoured the internet for photos and drawings from different angles and then tried to deconstruct the shoe in such a way that it could be recreated from sugar.All in all, this shoe was made using 7 different templates (not counting the shoe laces and parts).

The client picked out a very specific shoe that she wanted because of the great blue colors that went with the theme and it worked out really well!  

A little prince theme wouldn't be complete without a crown!

Overall, a super cute baby shower cake to welcome a new little prince to the family! Congratulations!!

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