This cake was so much fun to make! I had the idea for this cake several months back, and my plan was to make it for Valentine's day, but unfortunately (or fortunately!), I was really busy during that time period and my personal projects were set aside.  But when my birthday came around this year I actually had the time to make something for myself.

This cake is my first attempt to pipe chocolate. I was going to say pipe chocolate into a pattern, but really I have never worked with straight chocolate beyond using it in molds. So this was my first time piping with chocolate ever. I am absolutely thrilled how well it came out! If you look closely you will see imperfections, waves and wobbles, but overall I love the effect.

Another first for me is the roses. I have never attempted to make "fabric" roses with fondant before. My personal style is more towards the realistic and botanically correct style of flowers, but I have to say this style really does have it's appeal too! They were really fun to make and I think they went with the style of the cake very well.

Icing Smile: Dora the Explorer

I love being a Sugar Angel and partnering with Icing Smiles to bring some joy into the lives of families who are dealing with very difficult circumstances.

This cake was created for little Ojas, who is a very special little boy who has been battling leukemia. He loves Dora and I really wanted to make something fun for him. I don't think I will forget the smile on his face when he saw the cake and recognized the characters!

I normally do not do character cakes, but I am able to make exceptions for Icing Smiles since they are donated and not sold.  Character modeling isn't my strong suit, really, but it is always good to stretch myself.

Boots is definitely my favorite! My son thinks he took the cherry off the cake, but I like to think that he is just taking a break before he finishes decorating the cake with the cherries.

 Boots might be my favorite character, but the cherries are my favorite part of the cake I think.

 So Ojas, we are praying you get better soon! There are so very many things to explore and adventures to be found.

 *Please note that I received no compensation for this cake, and I cannot normally make character cakes. Thank you for your understanding!

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