This cake was so much fun to make! I had the idea for this cake several months back, and my plan was to make it for Valentine's day, but unfortunately (or fortunately!), I was really busy during that time period and my personal projects were set aside.  But when my birthday came around this year I actually had the time to make something for myself.

This cake is my first attempt to pipe chocolate. I was going to say pipe chocolate into a pattern, but really I have never worked with straight chocolate beyond using it in molds. So this was my first time piping with chocolate ever. I am absolutely thrilled how well it came out! If you look closely you will see imperfections, waves and wobbles, but overall I love the effect.

Another first for me is the roses. I have never attempted to make "fabric" roses with fondant before. My personal style is more towards the realistic and botanically correct style of flowers, but I have to say this style really does have it's appeal too! They were really fun to make and I think they went with the style of the cake very well.


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