This cake was super fun to make! I mean, how often do you get to make a cake that you can set on fire?!  This cake was for Blake's 11th birthday, isn't it cool? My son (who is 8) kept commenting on it's coolness throughout the creation process, so I think I did a pretty good job on that front. 

Anyway, you can't have a survivor themed party without the Survivor logo. I went old school with this one and used one of their original logos. It was fairly simple and fit with the color scheme for the cake. It is a hand-painted sugar plaque made out of gumpaste. 

 Moving down, Blake's name was made using several colors of modeling chocolate swirled together.

 Next we have several palm trees, which are also modeling chocolate. I happen to think that the trunks taste very similar to tootsie rolls, but less waxy and more yummy! The sand is chocolate chip cookies that have been chopped up very fine in a food processor. 

But the best part of this cake really is the volcano at the top!  The volcano is made out of rice treats, covered in modeling chocolate to create all the texture down the sides.  To make the lava I melted colored chocolate and dribbled it down the sides.  When we lit the top, some of the chocolate started melting and caused the "lava" to dribble a bit more, so that was an added bonus!

Happy birthday Blake! I hope you love your cake!

Penguin Bride

 It's time for a bridal shower!  I love this sweet cake. This adorable little penguin is all dressed up and ready for her wedding day.

The mother of the bride asked me to make this cake for the bridal shower. I had so much fun working on this cake. The pearls on the side were all hand rolled, and of course after I did that I found some the perfect size on sale! Oh well... these were perfect and are pretty quick to make.

I made a few fantasy sugar flowers with pearl centers using the bride's wedding colors. The leaves are all modeling chocolate.  It will be my privilege to make their wedding cake too in just a few short weeks and these flowers will make another appearance, with a few minor changes I think. 

 But really, the penguin is the star of this show! She is rice treats covered in modeling chocolate and then finished off with fondant. I did use real lace for her little blusher, but everything else is edible.

Of course, after we finished taking all the photos of the cake I realized I forgot her pear necklace! So I added that in and snapped one quick picture of her in her completed state. 

Congratulations Angie! I hope you love your cake.

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