Hand-painted Wedding Cake

I had so much fun working on this cake! It really was a joy to work on from the very beginning.  The bride and her mother were so wonderful to work with and we had a good time coming up with this design. I took bits and pieces that she liked from other cakes, shook them all up, made several sketches and then we took pieces of those sketches and come up with something totally unique and perfect for her wedding. I love it when that happens!

 The top and bottom tiers are hand painted with food coloring. I love the way it adds a floral touch without making the cake look too busy and keeping the clean lines of the tiers. The middle tier adds a fun dressy ruffle using rose petals made from fondant and rolled really, really thin. I love using my pasta roller for this! It helps speed up the process and assures that all the petals are rolled to the same thickness.

The flowers were super fun to make! I have been playing with a new technique of making flowers out of rice paper and this cake was the perfect opportunity to use them! I carefully painted the petals to achieve the colors I wanted and make the rice paper soft and flexible so I could shape them into the flower and allow for a more organic feel. In the end, they came out looking like they came out of a watercolor painting and they went perfectly with the hand painting on the tiers! 

Overall, I am thrilled with this cake and I hope everyone at the wedding loves it too. Congratulations Angela and Mark! I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be. 

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