A Bridge Crosses Over

This cake is probably my  most anticipated creation. The design has been in my head for several months now, and to be honest, as confident as I was that I could do it, the how to do it was always a bit fuzzy in my mind. But then, when has that ever stopped me?  This wedding cake was created for a very dear friend of mine. Dave and Telle are two very special people, and while their engagement announcement may not have been a surprise, it sure was something to celebrate!

Many months ago Telle and I sat down for coffee to talk about wedding cake ideas and we threw several around, including having a couple rock climbing up the side, hang-gliding off the top, and other such non-traditional but fun ideas. They were planning a very non-traditional wedding after all...

They were married in a plane, and then the wedding party jumped down to the reception area... including his dad, her mom and her dad (who was the pastor). 

Then they exchanged vows and rings in front of their friends and family (who were sane enough to stay on the ground... love you Telle!). 

 Ok, so back to the cake. This cake was inspired by the Pont Alexandre in Paris. For a wedding with a non-traditional flavor, the cake ended up being somewhat traditional with a nod to the days when cakes and staircases were used frequently, but without all the plastic! 

Everything you can see is edible. The lamp posts, the railings, the bridge. The bridge itself ended up bring about 18" long and the whole cake was just about five feet wide. The bridge was made out of gum paste with royal icing accents.

 I made molds for parts of the lamp posts and parts I made by hand. There were 16 lamp posts in all and it took me the better part of a week just to make those! The lampposts were made from gum paste with some royal icing, and the railings are made out of wafer paper (rice).

Earlier this week I posted a picture on Instagram of a zombie hand... this is the cake that hid that little gem. Can you see it? It's hiding under the sunflowers. Those that play Plants vs Zombies might get the connection and the game became something of an inside joke for the bride and groom, so we incorporated it into the cake.  I love adding these little hidden touches! 

 I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to be a part of this very special day. Dave and Telle, I love you both and I couldn't be happier to see the two of you begin this journey together. May God richly bless you in the years to come.


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Beautiful job!

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